Anandha Agricultural Solutions


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About Anandha Agricultural Solutions

In an agricultural industry that has historically supported the philosophies of bigger, better, faster and cheaper.The philosophy and motivation of Anandha Agricultural Solutions largely stems from the passion and beliefs of the Managing Director, Ponpandi Kanirajan. His passion for natural living and sustainable agricultural practices is unsurprisingly extended to those around him and hence the business was formed and grown substantially. His passion to teach others about natural alternatives for the environment and particularly farming never waned and this drive has lead him to expand his own knowledge and skills to meet the increasing demands of this “mentoring” role.

Driven by the principles and philosophies of natural fertility and health management -on a personal, farm, catchment and global basis - Anandha Agricultural Solutions works in close liaison with its customers to support a successful holistic approach to any growing situation. It is these values that underpin the connection that the farmer client has with his immediate environment and the responsibility he has nurturing the natural resource base on behalf of future generations. We believe in working with nature to promote balance and synergy between plants and soil. Conventional farming has adopted an adversarial relationship with nature, fighting against her, rather than working with her. The natural system only works when everything is in balance. When out of balance, it falters.

Our Success Key Points

  • Anandha Agricultural Solutions stands as a cornerstone to biologically and economically driven sustainable agriculture.
  • For Anandha Agricultural Solutions part, addressing the cause rather than the symptom is fundamental to ongoing success.
  • Modern farming is about not only meeting current financial and social demands but also managing the true fertility of the soil for future generations.
  • It is in this arena that Anandha Agricultural Solutions provides leadership, advice and training to help create a sustainable soil and crop management system.

To regenerate agriculture is to re-establish balance between plant and soil; to regain harmony so that none has the unfair advantage over the other. Insects are kept in check and disease and other pathogens can be resisted by the natural strength of the plant which has been properly fertilized and has built natural immunity to the inevitable stresses of life.